Over the years now, we have executed several business critical activities for our clients.

Take a look at our success stories:

In a short span of 90 days & without affecting business continuity, JumboForce managed to transfer ~ 200 store staff, including mid-management, from 6 outsourced agencies and clients. This mammoth task was executed seamlessly through appropriate communication at all levels, town halls and individuals negotiations; series of assessment/evaluation exercises; seamless fitments; visa transitions & disengagements; simultaneous hiring; onboarding & customer service.

Within a record time of 60 days, JumboForce managed transition and addition of ~150 sales staff across GCC & Levant. This included business transition (contract negotiations, SLA finalization, reporting, etc.), identifying & tying up with Regional Associates (OGCC & Levant), rebadging, recruitment, training, and visa transitions.

JumboForce supported the growth of a start-up to a No. 3 position in the UAE by establishing their field force, category management and other business functions. Various initiatives were undertaken to achieve this, including: building innovative GTM plan based on sharing risks & returns, conducting market research and portfolio development, defining the organization structure, executing recruitment drives, developing customized training, productivity/sales driven compensation structure & reward programs.